SkyRidge Puppies is located in beautiful Southern California. Hi, my name is Vian. My love for these breeds is why we are here. I started in Toy Poodles over 16yrs ago. I loved poodles and was facinated how smart and easy to train they are. I set to look for my firts poodle, I search and search for the best of its breeds. until I found a sweet lady name Michelle, she had some of the most beautiful Toy, Tiny toys, and even tcups poodles with the best of health & temperament. In that instant I knew  this was how a poodle should look... little did I know the poodles I was looking at were champions and champion sire from some of the best well known lines in the show world.  My firts poodle was Enchanted she was an exquisite litlte thing weighting 1.5lb at 12 weeks.  She had green deep emerald eyes, fine snout , long leather ears and long legs.  Her deep mohagany red hair with a very tight curl  that felt like one of the finest silk. She wasn’t cheap and anything good in life hardly ever is, but I already seen many dogs and I knew I was getting her at a fair price. Needless to say I went back and purchase a black little poodle from Michelle, is from there my Poodle line was born.  Years later I fell in love with a Yorkie, a Biewer Yorkshire to be exact. Biewer have sweet personality especially bred to be companions,they not only are they affectionate but also brave. Fast forward few years later.... I found out I was allergic to dogs and extremely allergic to cats, but I never notice having an allergy to dogs at home. I will only notice when I would come incontact with other dog breeds. I found that Poodles and Yorkies do not shed or have pet dander, and were a perfect choice for families where allergies are a problem.

My puppies are bred for health ,temperament and conformation. Temperament is really important to us. You could have the most beautiful dog, but if the dog temperament is not good, I don’t care how beautiful they’re... they are not a good Dog. My puppies temperaments has been passed down from generation to generation, making them some of the best ESA and companions.

The puppies I produce, from the moment I tie and cut the umbilical cord, are loved, handled, and spoiled shamelessly. I take great care in finding the best, most loving homes, for my little ones, which will show them the same level of love and devotion they have received from us since their birth. 

Thank you for stoping by and considering one of my furbabies to be part of your family!